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Publications in international referee journals

  • Garas S.K., Triantafyllou A.G., Tolis E.I., Diamantopoulos Ch.N. and Bartzis J.G., 2020. Positive matrix factorization on elemental concentrations of PM10 samples collected in areas within proximal and far from mining and power station operations in Greece Global NEST Journal, Vol 22, No 1, pp 132-142. https://doi.org/10.30955/gnj.003128
  • Triantafyllou A.,  Andreadou S., Moussiopoulos N., Garas S., Kapageridis I, Tsegas G., Diamantopoulos Ch., Sachanidis Ch., Skordas J. 2019. “Surface mining in Western Macedonia, Greece: Fugitive dust (PM10) Emissions and Dispersion”, Int. J. Mining and Mineral Engineering, Vol. 10, Nos. 2/3/4, 2019,pg.288-310
  •  Triantafyllou A., Moussiopoulos N., Krestou A., Tsegas G., Barmpas F., Garas S., and Andreadou M. (2017) "Application of inverse dispersion modelling for the determination of PM emission factors from fugitive dust sources in open – pit lignite mines", Int. J. Environment and Pollution, Vol. 62 Nos. 2/3/4, pp.274-290.
  • Sichletidis L., Chloros D., Triantafyllou A., Evagelopoulos V., Tsiotsios A., Spyratos D., Konstantinidis T., Pechlivanidis T., Patakas A, 2007, Diachronic study of the influence improvement on childrens respiratory health in Ptolemaida, Greece, ALLERGY 62: 171-172 Suppl. 83.