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Assessments - Technical Reports

  1. “Study of the absorpion and transportation of toxic elements from particulate matter in urban and non- residential areas nearby lignite ores and power stations”, funded by EPEAEK/Archimides ΙΙ, (2005- 2006).

  2. “Characterization of particulate matter pollution in urban areas near lignite ores and power stations – Toxicology studies and effects on population health”, funded by ΕΠΕΑΕΚ/Archimides, (2004- 2006).

  3. “Advanced Risk management system, 2003, AUTH, Long term Α.Ρ. forecast in an urban area by the application of artificial neural networks networks”, funded by Special Account for Research Funds, TEI West Macedonia

  4. “Contribution in the assessment of possible environmental effects from the fire in Ag. Dimitrios Power Plant on 25/12/2001”, funded by the Environmental Centre S.E. Kozani, promoted by Environmental Control and Protection Section ΚΤΕ of West Macedonia.

  5. “Chemical analysis study of respirable particulate matter (PM10) in Athens atmosphere”, promoted by Research Committee AUTH.

  6. Source apportionment of TSP in the lignite burning area of western Macedonia, Greece, Contracting Authority: PPC S.A, Contractor: TRC of W. Macedonia (15/10/2000 - 02).

  7. “Environmental Valuation of the major area of Florina”, funded by Public Power Corporation S.A., promoted by TEI of W. Macedonia (02/2000 - 04/2001).

  8. “Environmental data management and storage system design applying GIS in Kozani Prefecture”, promoted by NTUA, funded by Kozani Prefecture , 2000 - 2002.

  9. “Determination and study of volatile organic compounds in the city of Kozani”, promoted by AUTH,1999.

  10. “Organization of Research & Technology network concerning Greek Lignite”, funded by the Centre of Technology and Use of Solid Fuels, 1997.

  11. “STAAARTE Program (Scientific Training and Access to Aircraft for Atmospheric Research Through Europe), 1998.

  12. “Post electrostatic filter installation air quality in Ptolemaida – Kozani basin”, funded by the Research Committee of TEI W. Macedonia.

  13. “Ανθρώπινο Δίκτυο Μεθόδων Υπολογισμού Διασποράς Ρύπων στην Ατμόσφαιρα (ΥΔΡΑ). Contracting Authority: General Secretariat of Research & Technology, Contractor: AUTH,  1996 - 1998.

  14. “Epidemiology study concerning Kozani county residents health problems”, Thessaloniki, 1998, sponsored by AUTH, Faculty of Medicine, Laboratory of Hygiene.

  15. “Measures for the Kozani - ptolemaida environmental problems management” KOZANI, 1997, Research – Technical report on behalf of Kozani Prefecture.
  16. “Environmental conditions approval – Environmental Impact Assessment completeness- Units Ι και ΙΙ filters in PS of Kardia/ Public Power Corporation S.A., Technical Chamber of Greece / TEI W. Macedonia Working Group findings, KOZANI, 1997.

  17. “Environmental Impact Assessment evaluation concerning the 5th unit of Ag. Dimitrios Power Station, Kozani, 1995. Working group Research –Technical Report funded by the Technical Chamber of Greece / W. Macedonia department.

  18. “Remote heating system in Kozani- Air pollutants dispersion generated by the boiler peak operation”, 1993, Research on behalf of the Ministry of Environment.
  19. “Noise pollution research in the Kozani City Hall”,1991, prepared for Kozani County.

  20. “Atmospheric pollution Assessment Study in KOMANOS region”, 1990, funded by Public Power Corporation S.A., promoted by TEI of W. Macedonia.

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