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The LAPEP is able to provide services independently or in collaboration with other labs and enterprises in the following fields: 


  • Valuation of Air Quality in physical and working environments, Field Measurements, Simulations
  • Indoor Air Quality Valuations, Measurements – simulations
  •        Meteorological parameters measurements in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
  • Particulate matter Particle Size analysis
  • Particulate matter elemental analysis (Heavy metals, Hydrocarbons, Halogenated Hydrocarbon Derivatives)
  • Atmospheric Circulation Simulation, Air Pollutants Dispersion Models
  • Assessments of  air and particulate pollution elimination strategies, Advisory services for atmospheric environment protection
  • Field measurements and Wind potential forecast
  • Traffic and industrial noise measurements – cartographic surveying
  • Non-ionizing electromechanical radiation measurements
  • GIS applications