General Info


The Laboratory of Atmospheric Pollution and Environmental Physics (LAPEP) operates as an interdepartmental laboratory in the School of Applied Sciences of the Technological Education Institute, Western Macedonia.

In particular, the LAPEP  focuses on the following:

  • Development of a theoretic, scientific and technological background towards an even graduate and post- graduate training, related to the lab research areas
  • Connection of research activities of the Lab with graduate and post graduate educational and research requirements of the School
  • Development and distribution of know-how in the field of environmental management and technology
  • Dissemination of environmental pollution monitoring and remediation knowledge to the general public, individuals and  private and governmental institutions

The LAPEP covers the teaching of six courses in the Scholl of Applied Sciences, Department of Environmental Engineering, including Environmental Physics, Environmental Systems, Air Pollution, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Application Models, Noise and Radiation Control.

Moreover, the LAPEP participates in the organization of post graduate courses as well as in PhD preparation in cooperation with other laboratories of National and Foreign Universities.